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about Alex Electronic Co .

Alex Electronics Co. (AEC) is a leading company in Egypt manufacturing industrial automation Sensors.

AEC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer stablished in Egypt in 1998 and since then our main focus is to give the best value to our customers . We are specialized in level sensors for liquids and solids, pressure transducers and proximity sensors .

We are a growing company dedicated to providing high quality, highly functional sensors to our customers with exceptional service and knowledgeable engineering .

Service and Support

We provide expertise and support customers to take on their toughest challenges and achieve success.

Just you decide to control your automation system with level sensors, Send us your application conditions and then our support role will comes up :

  • Analyze your application conditions .
  • Encourage you with information and suggestions .
  • Help you to select the most convenient level sensors fit your application.
  • Provide technical support to install and calibrate level sensor.

Our Clients