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About Our Company

Alex Electronics Co. (AEC) is a leading company in Egypt manufacturing industrial automation sensors.

AEC is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer stablished in Egypt in 1998 and since then our main focus is to give the best value to our customers. We are specialized in level sensors for liquids and solids, pressure transducers and proximity sensors.

We are a growing company dedicated to providing high quality, highly functional sensors to our customers with exceptional service and knowledgeable engineering.

We aren’t just looking for only one time business , we are looking for a business partnership with our customers , that enables us to use our long experience to the best benefit of our clients, and guarantee their business continuity


Our Vision

We live with our values and principles which at the end lays in the best interest of our customer.

We dedicate ourselves to pinpointing and overcoming the challenges of the future with our innovative sensor technologies.

Because quality is a zero tolerance point for us, every single sensor we produce is guaranteed and has passed huge number of tests that makes us sure of its operation and this had made our customers trust us in the most critical points in their plants.


Our Mission

 Our company is growing because of our strong R&D team, that developed all of our products to match the hardest global specs.

We have maintained this throughout all our product range, starting with Capacitive and conductive level sensors to Ultrasonic and vibrating fork sensors to the more specially customized sensors we make , our main target is to meet the best global standards available while maintaining the cost as low as possible to give the best value for our customer’s money.