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• The sensor is installed outside the pipe, thus does not need any time-consuming installation process.

• Non-contact measuring methods inhibits the formation of bubbles or metallic ions, it also prevents pressure loss and obstacles presence.

• The measurement is not affected by the pressure or the connectivity of the fluid.

• There is no moving parts, thus increase the stability

• 5 Inch LCD, user friendly, capacitive touch screen display indicator.

Principle Theory:- clamp on ultrasonic flow measuring

Fluid Type:- water , oil , waste water , fluid , and other fluid types

Fluid Velocity:- 0 - 10 m/s

Flow Range:- 0 - 4400 m^3

Flow Temperature:- Up to 70

Installation:- Clamp on ( V or Z method)

Pipe Material: stainless steel , carbon steel , PVC, PVDF, PP ...... etc

Pipe Diameter:- 40 - 400mm

Power Supply:- 240Vac

240 Vac/dc

Output Signal :-

Analog Output: 4 - 20 mA

Pulse Output :- Open collector 2 output relays

Display:- 7" touch screen LCD

Power Consumption:- 15 VA

Protection Class:-

indicator:- IP 65

Sensor:- IP 68

Sensor Cable :- Up to 10m

Accuracy:-   ±2% of reading

UFC302 is a clamp on flow-meter that uses the “Time of flight”
principle to measure the flow rate in metal plastic pipes from 25 to
400 mm in diameter.