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The  device depends on a simple idea, the vibrating rod is connected to a piezo crystal that makes the rod vibrates at its resonance frequency. when the rod is covered by the product the resonance balance is changed and that is sensed by the electronic card inserted inside the head and gives the proper switching action.

VRL30 is suitable for use with all kind of solids ( soft or hard). It is the most suitable in protection of overfill tank and dry run also it can be used in pump protection VRL30 can be used vertically or horizontally inside vessel and this gives variety in installation positions as suitable for the customer needs.


• No calibration needed.
• Ideal for  liquids and solids.
• Maintenance free device.
• PNP or programmable relay output.
• Smooth stainless steel rod prevent material contamination.
• Reverse polarity protection

Ambient condition:
Operating temperature : 0—70C
Storage temperature : 0—80C
Process condition:
Pressure : up to 5BAR
Temperature : 0—80 C
Material :
Housing :stainless steel IP67
Rod : Stainless steel 304
Fitting thread:
1”G or 1”NPT
Length :         200 mm

Supply :   24Vdc
Output :
1– programmable relay
2– PNP or NPN transistor.
Maximum load current:
1– 1A for relay output
2-200ma for PNP or NPN output.
Power consumption:
Less than 0.6W
Protection applied:
1- Short circuit protection for PNP or NPN output
2- Reverse polarity

  • Chemicals and pharmaceuticals applications.
  • Fine powder application.
  • Milling industry.
  • Foam industry.
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