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  1. Vibrating level switch with no moving parts.
  2. Solids level detection ( high or low level)
  3. Suitable for use in fine or coarse solids such as cement, grains, feeds.
  4. Suitable for use in metallic or non-metallic tanks.

Operating temperature: -20 to 120C

Storage temperature: -20 to 85C

Max. pressure: 10 Bar

fork length: up to 500 mm

fork material: stainless steel 316 or 304

Installation: 1"

Power supply:  24,48,60Vac/dc - 110/220 Vac

Output:    No/Nc, PNP or NPN transistor.

change over relay.

  • cement industry.
  • chemicals and food applications.
  • Milling and feed industries.
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