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  1. Conductive level switch
  2. High or low conductive liquids level detection
  3. suitable for use in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  4. Not affected by contaminations.
  5. Suitable for viscous liquids

Process condition:

  • Pressure: up to 10BAR
  • Temperature: 85 ~ 150oC


  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Probe: Isolated S.S. – S.S.304 – S.S.310 – S.S.316


  • Thread: 1½ “ NPT – 2” NPT
  • Flange: ≥2”, ≥DN40
  • Tri-clamp: ≥1”, ≥DN25


  • Up to 3m


  • 1x Relay

Input Supply:

24Vac/dc – 220Vac

SM540 is suitable for use with all conductive liquids especially high viscous material and adhesive products for example soap, ketchup, cheese, etc.

It’s also suitable for low viscosity products like water and acids.

Its compact shape makes it the best solution for level limit in these applications.

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