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UTS70 is a non-contact ultrasonic level measuring sensor  suitable for use with liquids and solids it’s a very accurate measuring device and has no contact with the product surface which makes it not affected by product change
The range varies from liquids to solids but it remain unchanged for the same type of each of them
Conductivity and adhesive products have no affect on the sensor measurement because of its non-contact method of measuring.


 No contact with product
 Independent of product properties
 Not affected by product change
 No calibration needed
 Accurate measuring system
 Maintenance free device
 Capable of measuring solids and liquids
 Suitable for open tanks
 No need to calibrate span

Process condition:
Pressure : up to 1 BAR
Temperature : 0—70 C
Material :  Aluminum housing
Fitting thread:  2”G
Up to 300cm (model UTS70-3)
Up to 600cm (model UTS70-6m)

Up to 1000cm (model UTS70-10m)
Dead zone:
30cm (model UTS70-3)
40cm (model UTS70-6m)

50cm (model UTS70-10m)

Supply :   24 Vdc
Output :   4-20 ma
Power consumption:  less than 0.6W
Protection applied:
Reverse polarity protection
Explosion protection:
Intrinsic safety
Ex ia IIC T6

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  • Fuel and oil.
  • Petrochemicals industry.
  • Water treatment and waste water.
  • Milling industry.
  • Grain silos.
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