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  1. Conductive level transmitter
  2. Wide range of conductivity measurement
  3. suitable for use in metallic or non-metallic tanks
  4. Not affected by contaminations.
  5. Suitable for viscous liquids

Operating temperature: -20 to 100C

Storage temperature: -20 to 85C

Max. pressure: 15 Bar

Probe length: up to 100 Cm

Probe material: stainless steel rod

Installation: Vertical from above

Power supply: 24 Vdc

Output: 4 to 20ma

SM850 is suitable for use with all conductive liquids it best fits in measuring level of high conductive adhesive materials with high viscosity like ketchup , soap and cheese

These materials are very difficult to be measured with ordinary method like capacitance this is why SM850 is the best solution for these products


  • Simple calibration in some applications
  • Not affected by adhesive products
  • Maintenance free? Accurate measurement
  • Not affected by pressure or vacuumAdvantages
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