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Hydrostatic level transmitter series HPL200 is suitable for open or non-pressurized tank level measurement which continuously analogue output(4…20ma) over a wide temperature rang. The sensor is isolated from the process by a 316L stainless steel diaphragm and a filling liquid. The electronics are located within the hermetically sealed transmitter housing which gives the sensor an excellent resistance to shock and vibration.

• Highly accurate (± 0.25% Full Span)

• Ideal for wide range of liquids

• Maintenance free device

• 4-20mA analogue output

• Two-wire 24 Vdc loop-powered

• Ranges up to 30 m / 30000mm H20

• Piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor

• stainless steel 316L diaphragm

• Reverse polarity protection

• Sea water, oil and chemical resistant

Power supply:  15 – 24Vdc

Output:              4-20ma (2-wires)

Operating temperature:        -30°C to +125°C

Overload pressure:               2x sensor range

Accuracy :                             ± 0.25% FS


Level/pressure range:

0..100cm/ 0..0.1mH2O (Model HPL201)

0..500cm/ 0..0.5mH2O (Model HPL205)

0..1000cm/ 0..1mH2O (Model HPL210)

0..2000cm/ 0..2mH2O (Model HPL220)



Diaphragm material:       316L stainless steel

Protection class:                    IP67

Explosion Protection:          EExia IIC T6


•Most liquids in tanks and vessels

•Chemicals with dense vapor

•Foaming liquids

•Viscous or corrosive materials

•Oil, sea water, drinking water treatment and waste water.

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